Smog effects – cancer in the air!

Smog effects – cancer in the air!

The smog effects have been much talked about recently. One of the more serious and one of the most dangerous of these is the threat of cancer. Learn more about how the air we breathe affects the development of cancer in the body.

Cancer – new plaque in today’s world

The term cancer originated in ancient times. Cancer is now one of the most common and dangerous diseases. A neoplasm is not a foreign body, but is formed by the transformation of normal, normal cells of the body into abnormal cells, i.e. cancerous cells. Cancer is the scourge of our modern age and one of the most common diseases. It is estimated that up to one in three people in developed countries may develop cancer. The period of development, diagnosis and treatment of cancer is very long and resource-intensive. What is increasingly being discussed is that cancer is precisely one of the smog effects.

smog effects

Smog effects on health – cancer hazard

While there is still a lack of hard data and extensive analysis on the impact of air pollution on our health, experts remain unanimous – the smog we breathe in leads to the development of dangerous diseases, one of which may be lung cancer. The findings so far point to a strong link between exposure to polluted air and the occurrence of negative health effects.

It is not surprising that the topic of air pollution and smog effects has become a subject of public discussion. More and more people are asking questions about the harmfulness of smog, its impact on health, and the link between smog and the growing number of cancer cases. Over time, sustained exposure to polluted air and smog in the body leads to the development of asymptomatic and systemic inflammation and activation of systemic oxidative stress. These processes can lead to negative changes in organs including the development of cancer.