Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies – Sweets You Can’t Resist!

Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies – Sweets You Can’t Resist!

When we think of cookies, different types and flavor variations may come to mind. However, there is no doubt that the cookies that are world famous and can be called the kings of sweetness are organic chocolate chip cookies! Learn more about them in this article.

The history of organic chocolate chip cookies

To understand the phenomenon of organic chocolate chip cookies, one must recall the figure of Ruth Graves Wakefield – a nutritionist and restaurateur. She and her husband ran a successful restaurant where she promoted her homemade recipes. In 1930, she accidentally developed chocolate chip cookies when she ran out of powdered chocolate to sprinkle on the cookies – so she used chocolate chunks instead. The cookies soon became a real hit and Wakefield struck a partnership with chocolate manufacturer Nestle. Since then, the cookies have become an important trademark of America.

organic chocolate chip cookies

Why organic products are better?

It’s worth asking yourself why, in fact, organic chocolate chip cookies are more recommended than other cookies? Well, Organic products are considered healthier because they do not contain any chemicals and have more nutritional value. So the conclusion is that it is better for our health to choose organic products.