How can a Feng Shui consultant help you?

How can a Feng Shui consultant help you?

The Feng Shui ideology and its consideration in interior design is becoming increasingly fashionable. It enables you to know how to plan your living space to be in harmony with the environment and your surroundings. It affects many aspects of our lives: work, love, finances, success in life, well-being or marriage. At first glance it seems quite incomprehensible, but everyone will agree that even subtle changes can have an impact on our lives. A Feng Shui consultant is someone who will help you create a space that follows the rules. He or she will look at specific zones in your home and plan the placement of rooms or furniture in accordance with the ideology. 

Light and materials

Plenty of sunlight helps to strengthen health, fills the household with good energy, promotes well-being and improves overall functioning. The most light should be in those rooms where you spend the day. For example, the living room is best placed in the southern part of the house and the bedrooms in the northern or eastern part. Another rule is to use natural materials, because people function best when surrounded by nature and plants. A good Feng Shui consultant will tell you all this during your consultation, and will point out the elements of your home that need improvement and make recommendations.  

Feng Shui consultant

Feng Shui consultant focuses on colours

In the Feng Shui concept, colours are a very important element. So, by opting for the services of a Feng Shui consultant, you are likely to receive precise guidelines for the colours in your home. We can divide colours into Yang (orange, yellow and red) and Yin (white, black, brown, green and blue). The predominance of a particular colour also gives an advantage to the energy it represents. In turn, through the combination of colours, the circulating energy can be shaped and influenced. All you have to do is choose which effect you want to achieve. For example, in places where you want to stimulate the senses – (workshop, study) you should choose more Yang colours. These will have the effect of making the energy move faster, thus increasing mental and physical activity. A Feng Shui consultant will select the right colours for each of your rooms in a way that makes you feel good.