Emotional data

Emotional data

Building customer loyalty and a positive attitude toward a brand is a complicated process that takes time. To achieve this we can use a variety of techniques that can help us. One of them is certainly emotional data. So what is it and how can we use it to improve relations with our customers?

Definition of the concept

In order to find out how it can help us, it is useful to first learn what it actually is. Emotional data refers to the emotions and feelings a customer has about our brand, products or services we offer. It can refer to many aspects, including, but not limited to, his previous experiences. We can collect such data in many different ways, including through surveys about recent purchases, reviews that appear online or emotional analysis using artificial intelligence.

emotional data

How we can use emotional data to improve customer loyalty?

The use of information gleaned from the above sources can significantly help improve relationships with our customers. Based on emotional data, among other things, we can spot aspects of service that need improvement. In addition, we can also use it to create personalized offers for customers in the store or run marketing campaigns that reach the right audience.