Air Pollution Map – Why Is Pollution Education Important?

Air Pollution Map – Why Is Pollution Education Important?

If you are wondering what an air pollution map is, be sure to read our article. We’ll introduce you to the concept in more detail and give you a hint as to why it’s a good idea to be aware of the air pollution around us. Don’t delay, keep reading!

What are air pollution maps?

Explaining in the simplest terms what air pollution maps are, we can say that it is a visualization of current pollution in a given area. Data information about the state of the air in a specific area is collected from stations that analyze the composition of the air in terms of specific components. On the basis of such composition, measuring stations send information and resulting analysis about the current level of pollution, and the virtual map helps to better visualize where the phenomenon occurs.

air pollution map

What is the point of this knowledge?

It is worth remembering that most pollutants in the air are not visible to the naked eye. Hence, education about the existence of the problem that is smog is very important. Air pollution map allows you to directly see this phenomenon not only on a large scale, but also locally. Perhaps, for example, living in the countryside , and not in a large city, you do not even realize that you are also affected by the problem of poor air quality. Or that these pollutants can get inside your home. Just being aware of the existence of a problem of poor air quality and direct exposure to the proximity of this problem can be a motivation to make changes in your current habits that can improve the status quo.